Saturday, June 1, 2002

Your friendly neighborhood Spidar PDA Protector


By Jen Edwards

The Spidar PDA Protector (at presents an interesting new concept in handheld accessories. It isn't exactly a case, but it is designed to protect your Palm V, Palm Vx, or Palm m500 series device. Confused? So was I, at first, but now that I've used the Spidar PDA Protector for a few days, I'm hooked.

It's made out of rubber, in your choice of black or clear. As you can see from Figure A, the protector is designed to protect the four corners of your device while still allowing access to all the buttons and the stylus silo.


The Spidar PDA Protector covers all four corners and the bottom of your device very nicely. (click for larger image)

If you have a newer Palm handheld, you may notice that the top left corner of the protector slightly covers the SD slot. That's great for making sure that your card doesn't pop out and get lost in case you drop your device, and it isn't too much in the way if you need to slide it over just a bit to exchange memory cards. In Figure B, you can see how, on the back of your handheld, the Spidar provides ample protection while still allowing access to the SD card slot and the reset button.


The Spidar provides ample protection while still allowing access to the SD card slot and the reset button. (click for larger image)

Please note that the Palm m505 shown in the picture is green due to the installation of a PDA Jacket accessory. If you're interested in acquiring one for yourself, please visit

Putting on the device

Putting the Spidar PDA Protector on your device is quite simple. Just push the bottom of your device into the bottom of the protector, and then stretch each of the two top corners up slightly in order to fit them over the top corners of your device. Thankfully this is a very easy process, especially since there's no cutout for the HotSync port on the bottom of your device. You'll need to take the protector off every time you charge or synchronize your device. This is a fairly minor issue though, since the insertion/removal process is so simple. It also means that you don't have to worry quite so much about dirt or moisture getting into the sensitive inner workings of your handheld.

Why I like it

Why do I like the Spidar PDA Protector so much? It feels good in my hand and gives my handheld extra protection when I'm using it at the office or at home. Not having to keep my handheld in the case all the time makes it more convenient to use, and the Spidar does offer some extra protection in the event of a short fall. While the screen isn't covered, it's more likely that my device would land on either the front or the back, or on one of the corners, and the Spidar covers all of those areas very well. And at only $8.00, it's a great bargain as well. While it will most likely be available in retail stores very soon, you can order one now from the manufacturer's Web site at