Wednesday, December 1, 1999

Two mysteries are solved


This month's edition of Letters to the Editor brings us a person who confuses PalmPower with palmistry, and the answer to last month's question about a product that allows you to HotSync multiple Palm devices at once.


I have no heart line on my right hand, however one is present on my left hand. What does this mean?

Randy M. Khalil

Managing Editor Denise Amrich replies

We provide information about Palm devices, not palmistry. I have a passing acquaintance with palmistry, however, and I happen to know that your left hand is supposed to signify the potential you entered this life with, and your right hand tells what you've done with it...please tell me it doesn't mean you have no heart!

At any rate, try, or perform a Yahoo search on Palmistry. I'm sure you'll turn up the information you've been looking for...

Good luck,
Denise Amrich

The multiple HotSync mystery is solved

In last month's Letters to the Editor column, we ran a letter from a reader who found our magazine while looking for a product that allows you to HotSync multiple Palm devices simultaneously. While we didn't know how to find the product, a couple of folks did. Here's what they had to say.

Eric King's response

I don't know if this is the product that you were referring to, but visit the World Cyberlinks Web site at to see a product that synchronizes four Palm devices:

Eric King

Senior Technical Editor Claire Pieterek's response

According to Symbol's Web site at, they offer a complete line of cradles for the SPT 1500 and SPT 1700 Series of pocketable computers. These cradles include:

  • a Single-slot serial cradle;
  • a Four-slot serial cradle;
  • a Four-slot Ethernet cradle;
  • a Single-slot modem cradle;
  • Mobile-mount cradles.

SPT 1500 cradles are compatible with the PalmIII and the IBM Workpad. An optional kit enables up to four SPT 1500 four-slot cradles to be stacked. In addition to providing serial communications, the SPT 1700 cradles charge the batteries in the terminal.