Wednesday, December 1, 1999

The Zen collection


By Heather McDaniel

Windows CE Power Magazine's Site of the Month for December is a pretty interesting site. It's, a.k.a. SageBush Monkey.

Harry Iwatsuki runs the site. When Harry started his site he felt it was important to include a library of books and articles that folks would be able to download to their Windows CE units.

At the SageBush Monkey site, shown in Figure A, you'll find a collection of Zen-related articles, books, and talks including Coming Down from the Zen Clouds by Stuart Lachs, The Blue Cliff Record and The Book of Equanimity.


At the SageBush Monkey site you'll find a collection of Zen-related articles, books, and talks. (click for larger image)

The site also has books for sale through and Powell's Used Bookstore. Money raised from book sales related to associate programs with Powell's Used Bookstore and is donated to a sabbatical fund for Harry's teacher.

How do I get Doc files into my Windows CE device?

Files have been converted to DOC format and then compressed into ZIP files for download. Plain text (ASCII) files may be imported into Windows CE devices in a number of ways that are documented in your device's instruction manual. Doc format files can be read on Windows CE devices using the DOCview application, available at Mike's Palm-Sized PCs Web site (at, which also includes directions on using that piece of software.

Harry also mentioned that you will be able to download files on his site through AvantGo.

For more information, be sure to check out