Thursday, March 1, 2001

The Bond latch makes your Palm device a fashion accessory


By Claire Pieterek

Does your Palm device suffer from being shaken and stirred? You might want to try The Bond latch from Force Technology at

The Bond latch is available in a classic Palm version, a Palm III series edition, and a sleek Palm V model. I tested the Palm III-compatible version, which also works with the Palm IIIc, Palm VII, and Symbol SPT1500. It's pictured in Figure A.


The Bond latch is a sturdy metal fitting with a sliding clip attached to a black nylon cord. (click for larger image)

The Bond latch for the Palm III series is a sturdy metal fitting with a sliding clip attached to a black nylon cord that you wear around your neck. The Bond latch is ideal for field workers, warehouse personnel, and those who don't want to wear a Batman-style utility belt to tote their pager, phone, and other clip-on devices.

Seriously, anyone who needs to have his or her Palm device handy, but who doesn't have an extra hand or pocket available, would be well advised to check out the Bond latch.

The only quarrel I had with The Bond latch is that the round cord supplied with it didn't distribute the weight of my Palm IIIx very well. If I wore a shirt without a collar, the cord tended to dig into my neck over the course of the day. This would be a weightier problem if I had a Palm IIIc or Symbol SPT device. I'd personally prefer a wider, ribbon-like neck loop--similar to one of those ID badge holders given out at trade shows--with a jump ring to attach The Bond latch to the neckpiece.

Combined with a choice of chains, and a set of the trendily-colored flip covers available from PalmMate, you might even consider The Bond latch a fashion accessory.