Sunday, August 1, 1999

Seagate Software distributes business intelligence software to millions – for free


By Seagate Software
This month, Seagate Software makes available special "business intelligence" software that you can download and use for free. This software is intended primarily for corporate customers, so if you're one of our many readers managing corporate information systems, this article will be something you'll want to read.

In June, Seagate Software launched an aggressive initiative to change the way people evaluate, use and purchase business intelligence software. A key component of our strategy is the distribution of our award-winning business intelligence software -- free of charge --to millions of IT professionals worldwide. Two products -- Seagate Analysis (shown in Figure A) and a 50-user license of the latest version of Seagate Info -- are now available for everyone to try. These software packages include the new native driver for Lotus Notes and Domino and the Lotus NotesSQL driver, giving you and your users two ways to access and analyze their Lotus Notes and Domino data.


Seagate Analysis can give you detailed information that may prove to be invaluable. (click for larger image)

What's the deal?

Seagate Analysis is a new, standalone desktop application that adds information analysis -- ad hoc query (like that shown in Figure B), OLAP (i.e., Online Analytical Processing) and reporting technologies -- to Lotus Notes and Domino data. Seagate Analysis ships with the new native driver, giving you and your users one integrated reporting tool that's convenient and easy to use.


You can construct powerful ad hoc queries. (click for larger image)

Seagate Info 7 is a fourth generation enterprise reporting solution that lets you and your users access, analyze, and share information. The new native driver, also shipped in Seagate Crystal Reports, lets you create and share reports from your Lotus Notes and Domino data -- all within the Lotus infrastructure. You and your users can also create integrated reports by combining different data stores, including .NSF (i.e., Notes databases), relational databases, and OLTP (i.e., Online Transaction Processing) systems like SAP.

What are customers saying?

We asked some customers to share their thoughts. One such customer is Relavis Corporation, which makes a sales force automation product called OverQuota. "Seagate's Crystal Reports 7 gives OverQuota a significant improvement in reporting capabilities. OverQuota can now deliver more comprehensive reports, more quickly, for better decision making," said Jean-Pierre Ducondi, Chief Technology Officer at Relavis Corporation. "We are excited about using Seagate Software's new native driver for Lotus Notes and Domino, which will enhance and facilitate the development and distribution of Crystal Reports."

How do you get your FREE software?

Seagate Analysis and the latest version of Seagate Info 7 are now available with full technical support, including a range of tools, manuals, help and samples, including computer based training (CBT) modules. To get your free CD or download the software, visit Seagate Software's web site at For information on all other Seagate Software products phone 1-800-877-2340 (North America) or 1-604-681-3435 (International).

For more than a decade, Seagate Software has been a leader in business intelligence with more than five million licenses shipped. Seagate Software develops software that helps organizations access, analyze, report and share information they store in data warehouses and databases. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Seagate Technology (NYSE:SEG), Seagate Software develops a range of award-winning business intelligence software including Seagate Crystal Reports, Seagate Analysis, Seagate Holos, and Seagate Info.