Friday, January 1, 1999

PalmPower’s greatest hits of 1998


By David Gewirtz

January, it seems, is a month for accolades. After all, we've just completed our wide-ranging Editors' Choice Awards, honoring the best and the brightest of Palm computer add-ons. In keeping with this theme, we thought it would be fun to point out to you our favorite articles from the past year.

Golfing and your Palm organizer

If you're a golfer (or you have a friend who is), you should read this comprehensive survey of golfing goodies for the Palm organizer. Golfing enthusiast Fred Cox looks at software for managing game play, wagering, and scoring, plus two very interesting hardware add-ons that mount your Palm device to a golf cart. If you want to win your next game, read this article.

This turned out to be a big project for Managing Editor Denise Amrich. At one point, we had the various manufacturers of devices that mounted Palm computers to golf carts attempting to get the competitive scoop on one another by trying to wheedle information out of Denise. No chance! She caught on in a heartbeat. It took a couple of months to pull together all the products and players into a fine review, but she made it happen -- along with some really helpful assistance from Micheal Shawver of Revolve Design. If you missed it last month, you should definitely read the most comprehensive article on golf automation you're likely to find anywhere.

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Putting the Hot in HotSync: your guide to romantic literature and sexually oriented references for the PalmPilot

Every so often we get an article that just reminds us how much we enjoy being in the publishing business. This is one such article. Our PalmPower Book-of-the-Month Club editors, Craig Froehle and John Swain, have compiled a wonderfully entertaining (yet still tasteful) collection of sexually-related literature and resources available for download to your Palm organizer. From Fanny Hill and Lady Chatterly's Lover to, well, The Cigar, this is an article that's titillating, yet not offensive.

Froehle and Swain have turned out to be a really fine writing team. Each issue, their PalmPower Book of the Month Club column is interesting, well-written, and just a bit controversial. Just the way we like it.

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The musical Palm computer

Amazing as it may seem, the Palm device is quite musical -- and a friend to musicians, composers, and other musically inclined individuals. Hiding behind the mild-mannered persona of author David Pogue lurks the secret identity of an accomplished composer and conductor. Blending his two worlds (the world of the computer and the world of music), David introduces us to music on the Palm computer. And, surprisingly, there are some wonderful solutions, including a songwriter's helper, an electronic metronome, a tool for determining pitch, some nice melody makers, and even a tool for budding guitar players. If you're musically inclined, this is the ultimate article for you.