Thursday, August 1, 2002

New tool to perform your real estate calculations


By Steve Niles

For this special real estate issue of PalmPower's Enterprise Edition, I've decided to spotlight a new commercial real estate solution for the Palm OS recently released by Infinity Softworks Inc. We've discussed Infinity Softworks' powerOne line of calculators a number of times in the pages of PalmPower and PalmPower's Enterprise Edition. Their powerOne Finance software, for example, calculates time value of money, cash flow, bonds, option pricing, conversions, markup/discount, and other financial and scientific functions. Additional templates are available for customizing powerOne Finance to individual needs, and now the company has made it customizable for the real estate industry.

On July 17, 2002, Infinity Softworks announced an advanced real estate software solution built on powerOne Finance. The powerOne Commercial Real Estate Professional Solution (at combines powerOne Finance with 50 calculation templates designed to increase the productivity of commercial real estate brokers, appraisers, and investors. The entire solution supports Palm OS handheld computers. In August, it will also be available for computers running the Windows operating system.

The solution includes five categories of templates: lease, loan, investment, cash flow, and area. Individual templates for cash flow, risk assessment, rate of return, performance measures, appraisal, mortgage, lease, commission, and qualification calculations integrate into powerOne Finance's template interface. The Agent Commission template is shown in Figure A.


Calculate your commission with The powerOne Commercial Real Estate Professional Solution.

The powerOne Commercial Real Estate Professional Solution appears to be an extremely valuable tool for any mobile real estate agent. Check it out for yourself at