Wednesday, September 1, 1999

Master dialup connections with DialupMaster


By Dan Huber

One of Windows CE's most useful features is its diverse range of connectivity options, from standard phone line-based connections, to 10 Mbps wired LAN connections, and even IrDA and RF wireless connections. Because phone line-based connections are probably the most commonly used, especially for common dial-up connections to Internet Service Providers (ISP), you may find yourself wanting more than the standard offerings of Remote Networking.

Peter Koch was aware of this issue and created a product called DialupMaster to add some additional features to Microsoft's own software. With this product, you are now able to monitor your current connection times; speed up access to all of your Remote Networking connections; and use scripts to login to your ISP (a feature similar to that in desktop Windows). There's even an integrated "keep-alive" utility to help keep you connected longer.

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