Sunday, November 1, 1998

Macintosh backup with Palm Buddy


By Jim McCarthy and S. Fred Green a.k.a. Fredlet

Jim McCarthy's Palm Buddy review

Palm Buddy is a dynamic, desktop synchronization program for the Macintosh. It offers both innovative, easy, and fast backup, as well as a software installation process for the Palm computer that will be quite familiar to the avid Macintosh user.

Using a Macintosh Finder-like interface, the power of drag and drop technology, and a robust plug-in architecture, Palm Buddy creates a versatile, easy-to-use desktop backup utility and installation package that should make a PC PalmPilot enthusiast jealous.

"Let me say that I am just plum tickled to death (as my crazy grandmother says) to be seeing more fully featured stuff out there for the Mac. -- Fredlet"

Palm Buddy not only backs up and installs only the files you want to backup or install when you want to backup or install them (you following all this?), Palm Buddy also translates TEXT files on the fly into Aportis or TealDoc formats. This is most cool.