Wednesday, February 1, 2006

ID theft, data recovery, HDTV, Socom, megapixels, and more. It’s letters time!


By David Gewirtz

It's been a while since we've published some of the many letters we get each week from Computing Unplugged readers. So, this week, we've decided to catch up and publish a few.

Keeping your eye on ID theft

Jeremy Garland writes:

Great article on ID theft. I am keeping a copy of that with me as well. That is a good resource.

We've gotten a lot of positive responses on our recent ID theft article (at The topic is scary and we're going to continue to cover it. We're working on find out more about your rights as consumers, to help you understand how to protect yourself when being asked for excessive identification information.

Stay tuned.

Do we still love the Axim?

John Mullaney wrote in to us about an article we ran about the Dell Axim X50v:

Funny that people were so curious about the background. Very resourceful use of the yoga mat... I on the other end of the specturm was VERY excited to see the fountain in the picture on the devices. If I am not mistaken, is it the Dolphin Fountain outside of the Dolphin Hotel in Epcot? I am there every year for a conference. I love my January pilgramge from the cold of the Northeast to moderately warm Florida.
Still positive about the Axim 50V? I may purchase one today...

Well, two days after the major snowstorm, we're very glad we moved from New Jersey to Florida. We used to go down to the Dolphin once a year, for Lotusphere. Now, we live an hour away.

The picture in question was originally in a DominoPower article about Lotusphere, reprinted as Figure A, below.


The Dolphin still has dolphins. We'll be back there next week for the big PMA photo show. (click for larger image)

And yes, I really like the Axim X50v. The thing, of course, is it is a Pocket PC, so there are some huge pluses and some normal annoyances (sync, for example, sometimes is a pain). Sync troubles aside, we really like it.

Recovering five years of information from a sick Palm

Terry Deboo tells us:

Via Google, I found Denise Amrich's article, "Ideas for recovering from catastrophic data loss", and I want to thank her and Claire Pieterek for showing me how to recover 5 years of info on my Palm III.

This is exactly why we keep all our back issues online, available to everyone, for free. The article Terry's talking about was actually in PalmPower Magazine before it became Computing Unplugged, but since we keep every single article online, she was able to find the article (which, incidentally, is at and recover her data.