Tuesday, August 1, 2000

Health, religion, and installers…Oh my!


The PalmPower mailbag has been busy this month. In this edition of letters to the editor, a query is answered, a few new product options are noted, an application is sought, and the moral integrity of our publication is questioned.

Logbook for diabetics

In last month's issue you have a question from a woman asking about glucose tracking software for diabetics for the Palm device. I'm the author of such a product, which can be purchased through http://www.handango.com. It's called Logbook, pictured in Figure A.


Logbook tracks insulin shots and records blood glucose readings.

For more information, try my Web site at http://www.martoon.com/shareware/logbook.html.

Nick Martin

The buddy system

I recently read your article by Michael Compeau ("Have your Documents to Go" at http://www.palmpower.com/issues/issue200007/docs2go001.html) on taking desktop documents "to go," and I was quite surprised that I saw no mention of our product, "InstallBuddy." As you may know, in many ways it is similar to Documents To Go, but has substantial added benefits:

  • It is completely integrated into the Palm Desktop software, HotSync, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Windows Desktop, in a much more transparent and intuitive fashion;
  • It supports a significantly broader range of desktop documents, including PowerPoint, PDF, and HTML;
  • It works with "industry standard" Palm device viewers, including JFile, Doc, iSilo, HanDBase, etc.;
  • It is easily extensible and "open" (via plug-ins) such that anybody can develop simple desktop translators and viewers;
  • It has won numerous awards and favorable reviews and was chosen as a finalist in the 1999 ZDNet PalmPilot Software Awards;
  • It supports email attachment conversion in conjunction with MultiMail;
  • It is 30% cheaper.

Alexander Hinds, M.D.
President and CEO
BackupBuddy Software

David Gewirtz comments

Alexander was kind enough to send me copies of both InstallBuddy and BackupBuddy, which I've played with. While this is certainly not a review, I've tinkered with both, and they're pretty slick. You owe it to yourself to go check them out. We have reviewed BackupBuddy before and intend, at some point, to cover InstallBuddy, as well.

We think it's great when readers send in additional information about articles we run. Feel free to tell us when you know something more about a topic we've covered, or post a message on the PowerBoards.

Looking for iobserve

I saw an application called iobserve at the Annual International Council for Exceptional Children Conference. It is used to collect behavioral data to document students' behaviors using frequency/interval/time sampling recording. It allows the user to specify the length of the interval, allows several different behaviors to be documented, and alerts users to the change/end of the interval. Have you seen this program or any other like it? Could you supply the vendor information so I can contact them?

Carole Milner

Editor-in-Chief David Gewirtz responds

I looked at PalmGear and Handango and didn't have any luck finding it. Maybe one of our readers out there can help.