Saturday, July 1, 2000

Former Palm device user takes the Pocket PC path


Wonder where we've been? One reader has, and he dropped us a line just to check up on us. He also explains why former Palm device users have little choice, when it comes to upgrading, than to switch to Microsoft's powerful Pocket PC.

Where are you guys?

I was a Palm device user who read your PalmPower magazine each month (well, I still do!). But, I am one among thousands who have outgrown my Palm IIIx and want to upgrade. However, the "best" possible unit Palm offers is a unit with only 8MB RAM, only 256 colors, no MP3, a poor screen, and no real word processor. So I "have to" upgrade to a new iPAQ Pocket PC, the first realistic change for a Palm device user like me. I have waited for what Sony will bring, but it will only be slightly better than the Palm IIIc (same screen, same colors, only 8MB RAM, but with a memory stick). It is still far less than an iPAQ, so iPAQ is where many thousands of Palm device users will convert!

That brings me to your Windows CE Power magazine. I'm writing to you on July 12, and you STILL have your June version as the current issue?! You managed to get your July issue of PalmPower ready for July 1, so when will your July issue of Windows CE Power be ready? Since my impression so far has been that this is a serious company, I would at least have expected to find a note about this in your news section.

Erik Hoidahl

Editor-in-Chief David Gewirtz responds

Hmm, a serious company, eh? I've never really thought of us as that (especially when playing CD-ROM hockey in the halls), but yes, we do work on a regular schedule for our magazines. However, (and you'll love this!) Windows CE Power has become Pocket PC Life. We ran a few days late in getting the journal up because of the new publication launch.