Monday, October 1, 2001

Documents To Go: a leading Office companion for the Palm OS


By Dataviz

Handheld devices are quickly becoming commonplace in today's largest companies. While having your calendar, contacts, and email at your fingertips is a great way to stay on top of the day's business, gaining access to your most important Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files anytime, anywhere allows you to bring the productivity of the Palm OS to a new level.

Documents To Go 4.0, pictured in Figure A, by DataViz (available at allows you to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on any Palm handheld, Handspring Visor, or Sony Clie.


Documents To Go 4.0 includes both a desktop and handheld application. (click for larger image)

Five essential applications in one with Documents To Go and the Bonus Add-On Kit!

Documents To Go includes the following applications for your Palm OS handheld.

Word To Go

This handheld application, shown in Figure B, allows you to create, view, and edit your word processing files on your handheld.


Create, view, and edit word processing files with Word To Go.

Powered by the revolutionary DocSync technology (Windows only), Word To Go keeps all of your formatting from the original Word document intact-boldface, italics, underline, color, indents and bullets