Thursday, November 1, 2001

Bug Me! Messenger: Zip off your notes on the fly


By David Silver

Have you ever been in a meeting but forgot about your son's baseball practice afterward? Then did you find out you couldn't take him? Did you wish there was a way to reach your spouse? There is. It's called Bug Me! Messenger, from Electric Pocket (at With Bug Me! Messenger, you can quickly jot down a note asking your spouse to take your son and send it, all while sitting in your office chair.

New, old, and stationary notes

The Bug Me! Messenger screen is very basic. It's shown in Figure A.


The Bug Me! Messenger screen isn't very hard to figure out.

Along the bottom of the screen is a row of icons. The first icon takes you to the main screen where you can see all your notes. The second icon makes a new note. The third icon lets you create a new note using stationary, called notepaks. They can be downloaded from the notepaks homepage (at One notepak is shown in figure B.


The Bug Me! Messenger notepaks are very cool.

The fourth button deletes the current note, and the fifth one opens a list of things that you can do to the note, like locking the note so you can't edit it. You can also copy the note.

Zip them off

The real power of Bug Me! Messenger is in the next button. The sixth button allows you to email your note to another person. Every Bug Me! Messenger comes with a free email account (like It can be reached on your copy of Bug Me! Messenger and at the Bug Me! Web site. If you have a wireless modem, all you have to do is raise the antenna and tap the email button. Then you enter the address you're sending it to (along with a little message) and click send. Soon it's sitting in the other person's inbox. If you don't have a modem, this is still possible. Instead of taping send, tap Send Later. Then, if you HotSync while connected to the Internet, the conduit will send your note. The Send Screen is shown in Figure C.


Tap Send if you have a wireless modem, or else tap Send Later.

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