Testing new News Center

We’ve been reworking the internals behind our journal and news rendering system. Over the weekend, we’ll be running a number of tests online here at PalmPower. If you’re seeing this, then the new system is working. Have a great weekend!

Posted on: November 14, 1998 9:00 am

Follow the leader

Red Herring has this article on what it takes for digital devices to make it in the consumer market. The article sites the PalmPilot as an example of success in that market.

Posted on: November 13, 1998 9:00 am

Audible competition

Reports are surfacing that Microsoft is preparing to take a stake in Audible, Inc. Microsoft may be interested in Audible to ensure that the Windows CE remains competitive with the PalmPilot.

Posted on: November 13, 1998 9:00 am

More on WirelessKnowledge

Electronic Buyers’ News reports that the new Qualcomm-Microsoft venture, WirelessKnowledge LLC, will develop next-generation handsets and chip products for OEMs based on Microsoft’s Windows CE. In the article, a spokesman for Qualcomm said Qualcomm would endorse both Palm OS and Windows CE in separate product lines.

Posted on: November 13, 1998 9:00 am

Latest on Bluetooth

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has drafted a 0.7 version of a Bluetooth specification for hardware, software, and communications protocols for mobile devices. A final version of the specification is expected to be finalized in the second quarter of next year.

Posted on: November 13, 1998 9:00 am

AvantGo demo

AvantGo, Inc. will be demonstrating its new server software for handhelds in the at Comdex, held November 15-20 in Las Vegas. AvantGo 2.0 is a comprehensive and scalable solution for extending enterprise and Web-based applications to handheld computers, such as those based on the Windows CE platform.

Posted on: November 12, 1998 9:00 am

Quicken for PalmPilot

Intuit, Inc. and LandWare, Inc. announced Pocket Quicken for Palm Computing’s Operating System, Palm OS. Quicken 99 was designed to automatically accept data from Palm organizers through the Palm Computing platform’s standard HotSync function.

Posted on: November 12, 1998 9:00 am

Wearable PC debut

CNN Interactive reports that during next week’s Comdex show, Xybernaut plans to unveil its PC that clips onto a belt. The Mobile Assistant IV is designed primarily for factory workers who routinely perform inspection, repair diagnostic, and maintenance jobs and require easy, on-the-spot access to databases.

Posted on: November 12, 1998 9:00 am

Wireless PalmPilot

The Detroit News is reporting that 3Com Corp. will make a version of its PalmPilot that will let users connect to the Internet with wireless communications. The report said that 3Com plans to unveil the new product at Palm Computing’s Developer’s conference in early December.

Posted on: November 12, 1998 9:00 am

GoAmerica and wirelessKnowledge

GoAmerica Communications Corp. will partner with wirelessKnowledge LLC., the newly-announced Microsoft Inc. and Qualcomm Inc.joint venture. Under the terms of the partnership, GoAmerica will work with corporations utilizing the wirelessKnowledge Service and assist them in creating corporate data solutions for their mobile workers.

Posted on: November 12, 1998 9:00 am