Saturday, September 1, 2001

What works and what doesn’t


In this month's Letters to the Editor, a reader responds to Contributing Editor Bob Draper's question about building a handheld from various parts. Another reader offers a solution for using Pocket Quicken with versions of Quicken used outside the U.S. Finally, Editor in Chief David Gewirtz answers a reader's concerns about motherboards.

Good work

I enjoy PalmPower Magazine and find the mailing list service useful. I enjoy the editorials, the reviews, and the ads. The information you offer is quite interesting. Keep up the good work.

Paul Baker
Madison (WI) PDA Users Group

Destroy the monster

The following letter was written in response to a letter appearing in last month's column at in which Contributing Editor Bob Draper was looking for information on cobbling together pieces from various handhelds to create an altogether new device.

Don't do it!

Seriously, I once owned a Palm IIIx (a Workpad 30x, to be exact). I noticed (at selling 2MB Palm III memory cards, and I had the same question as you. I asked them if it would work, and their response was that it would not and that they had heard of some horror stories from those who had tried. Apparently it does damage to (ruins) the motherboard of the device.

Hope this helps!

Douglas Forrester
M.Div. Associate Pastor
Warwick Memorial United Church

Link trouble

The following letter was written in response to the 50% Off Mailing we sent out to PalmPower subscribers in August.

Thanks for offering the great August specials from different vendors. The reason for this email is to see if you can find out why the Blue Nomad and TapPad sites are not responding when I try to go to their pages in both Netscape and Outlook Express. I copy the addresses out of my email program to both browsers. Blue Nomad, especially, has been hard to reach in the past as well. I read PalmPower on my Visor Prism through the AvantGo service. You and your staff do an excellent job of reporting on the vastly changing handheld market. It is very much appreciated.

Steve Kesler
Sunbury, Ohio

Editor-in-Chief David Gewirtz responds

I just typed in and had no trouble getting to them. If it helps, here's their real-world contact info:

Contact Information:
Blue Nomad
4 Hyde Street
Redwood City, CA 94062
Fax: (413) 740-8375

I was also able to visit TapPad at, but if you still can't get there, try going to or emailing Here's their real-world contact info: