Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Try your hand at the Computing Unplugged Tapwave Hype-a-palooza


By James Booth

Welcome to Hype-a-palooza. This, our first ever Hype-a-palooza, is designed to promote awareness of the underappreciated Tapwave Zodiac, shown in Figure A (and get you a ton of cool prizes). Why hype the Zodiac? The reason is pretty simple: we think it's a great product, a real innovation in the handheld market. In the future, we will likely hype-a-palooza other products that we feel are deserving of added attention.


Here's what the Tapwave Zodiac 2 looks like. (click for larger image)

So what is the Zodiac? The Zodiac is a multimedia handheld computer that runs the Palm OS. In addition to being a standard handheld, the Zodiac is the first to incorporate a dedicated video processor and 3D engine to optimize it for video, audio, and game play. For in-depth coverage of the Zodiac, see my review in the August issue of Computing Unplugged Magazine, at

This Hype-a-palooza is produced by Computing Unplugged Magazine, a publication of ZATZ Publishing, in conjunction with Tapwave and Zodiac Gamer. Neither Tapwave, nor Zodiac Gamer (at are advertisers with, nor are they directly affiliated with Computing Unplugged Magazine or ZATZ Publishing.

The inspiration for Hype-a-palooza came from the staff at Computing Unplugged Magazine because the Zodiac is a product we would like to see succeed. This is our way of helping to spread the word and make the public more aware of it.

What's this Hype-a-palooza thing and what do I get out of it?

The idea behind the Hype-a-palooza is you create your own special ad for the Tapwave Zodiac, and, if our band of judges love your creation, you win one of a ton of killer prizes! Now, you may be saying you don't own a Zodiac, so why should you get excited? The answer's simple: the grand prize is a Tapwave Zodiac. So, if you're creative enough, you might just get one of your own.

"The grand prize is a Tapwave Zodiac"

Before we tell you what you've got to create, take a look at all the great stuff we've lined up to give away.

Prize: Brando Workshop Zodiac Protector Pack

We've got what I like to call the Brando Workshop Zodiac Protector Pack in Figure B. Brando Workshop has donated one of their Leather Zodiac Cases, see, as well as an Ultra Clear Screen Protector for the Zodiac, see, and their Enhanced Screen Protector for the Zodiac, see