Sunday, November 1, 1998

The wearable Palm computer


By Claire Pieterek

I recently read an article in Wired about the Wearable Computing Symposium. As strange as it might look to walk around with computer gear strapped all over the human body, I still have to say, "I wish I had one of those!" Now you can turn your Palm device into your own wearable computer with the Peel-It wrist-wearable PDA case from Orang-Otang.

The Peel-It lets you wear your Palm device on your wrist, much like you would wear a watch (a seriously oversized watch, though it's really not that much bigger than some of the Casio DataBank models!) When you're not using your Palm device, you can also wear the Peel-It on your belt. It wraps around your Palm organizer and fastens securely, providing a protective cover.

The Peel-It is a clever product for people who are on the go and need their Palm devices at the ready.


The Peel-It was originally named the "Banana Peel". With a name like that, you might automatically make certain assumptions about the product. Yes, it's yellow... but the color is pleasant. Think of a sunny day rather than a school bus, and you'll have the general idea. This former banana peel Peel-It is far from slippery, because it is made of canvas and Velcro, with anodized metal hardware. It is Scotchguarded, however, so it should repel stains.

Professional aPeel

If yellow isn't your color, you might be interested in the Outrigger. The Outrigger is made of black leather, which would appeal to the more conservative members of the Palm user community.