Tuesday, August 1, 2000

Shoulder the burden of personal electronics with e-Holster


By Michael Compeau

A while back, PalmPower editor Heather McDaniel asked me if I might be interested in reviewing the e-Holster, a "revolutionary personal electronics accessory" that had been sent to her by a company called Personal Electronics Concealment, LLC. I scratched my head and cocked it to one side like Bailey, my Border Collie, did when he was first explained the concept of a soft Frisbee. I heard the words, but it wasn't sinking in.

"I've got to admit, when I first saw a picture of the e-Holster, I laughed so hard I almost cried."

"Strap on your electronic armaments, shoulder your e-weapons, and prepare to join the e-battalion." A quick visit over to http://www.eholster.com finally got the image of the modern techno warrior into my skull. Take a look for yourself in Figure A.


You're ready for action when you suit up in an e-Holster. (click for larger image)

Ok, I've got to admit, when I first saw a picture of the e-Holster, I laughed so hard I almost cried. However, you've got to have a sense of humor if your real job is New Product Development for ladders, so perhaps my reaction was just an artifact of the mental state in which I live.

The e-Holster is actually a great idea. (Remember how they laughed at Ford's horseless carriage?) Finally, there's a way to carry all my electronic stuff without having my belt drag my Dockers down all day! The e-Holster puts your electronic "weapons" where they belong: out of the way but close at hand. The contraption is designed to allow your devices--from cell phones to MP3 players to Palm devices--to rest horizontally under your arms. The amply protective access flaps face forward, so with a quick "crrrkk" of tearing Velcro, you've got access to your personal electronics repertoire. Figure B shows the smooth removal of a PDA.


Your Palm device will slide easily from the horizontally facing e-Pouch. (click for larger image)

You've got to get into it

When the e-Holster arrived at my house, I had my first challenge. Holy connected organizer, Batman! "Just how the blazes do we put this thing on?" I asked Bailey as I pulled out two of the e-Holsters from the shipping box. He gave me that same unhelpful, head-tilted look. I felt the intimidation a 12-year old girl must feel the first time she pulls a tangled mass of clips, straps, and dangly-bits from a Macy's shopping bag.

I was unsure whether I should thrust my arms straight up into the air and allow the harness to drop onto my shoulders or if I should insert one arm at a time, vest-style, to drape it over my lean frame. I finally chose the latter method.