Thursday, March 1, 2001

RNpalm provides Palm solutions for nurses


By Steve Niles

The PalmPower Site of the Month for March is called RNpalm. You can find it at, and it's pictured in Figure A.


RNpalm is dedicated to the use of mobile computing in nursing. (click for larger image)

This online journal is dedicated to the use of mobile computing in nursing. RNpalm was created by a few nurses who purchased Palm computers. They went online looking for resources and applications suited for the nursing profession, but they were disappointed to discover they couldn't find any.

While there are vast numbers of medical-specific applications available for the Palm OS, this group of nurses felt there were few general healthcare and nursing applications, so they decided to fill the void in the marketplace. The primary objective of the RNpalm Web site is to provide a central resource about the Palm platform for nurses and other members of the healthcare community. They see it as a place where healthcare professionals can get the information and software they need.

In association with their independent software developers, they've developed nursing specific Palm OS software applications. Best of all, the RNpalm applications are free to download. There are three main applications. Figure B shows RNpalm's Glasgow Coma Scale, a Palm OS version of a common standardized test used to evaluate brain injuries.


RNpalm's Glasgow Coma Scale is used to evaluates brain injuries.

Figure C shows RNpalm's ABG Decoder, which analyzes Arterial Blood Gas results returned from the lab.


RNpalm's ABG Decoder analyzes Arterial Blood Gas results returned from the lab.

Figure D shows RNpalm's O2 Tank application, which calculates how long O2 cylinders will last.


RNpalm's O2 Tank calculates how long O2 cylinders will last.

These can all be found at, along with Intellisync for RNpalm Intranets. This Windows program lets you carry an up-to-date copy of your contacts and members lists wherever you go, maintain your complete calendar online, download your Intranet calendar events to your Palm device or Outlook, and populate your Intranet contacts list instantly by uploading them from Outlook or your Palm device.

RNpalm is a great example of the powerful resources available for members of the healthcare industry who choose to incorporate Palm devices into their work. It's such an important topic, we've chosen to devote the March issue of PalmPower's Enterprise Edition to Palm solutions for medical practitioners. So, after you visit RNpalm, be sure to check out all the other ways Palm devices can be used in the medical field at