Wednesday, November 1, 2000

PalmPower’s Enterprise Edition puts your Palm device to work


By Steve Niles

There are a lot of great Palm-related sites out there worthy of being a PalmPower Site of the Month, but this month there's only one clear choice. I'm referring, of course, to PalmPower Magazine Enterprise Edition at It's pictured in Figure A.


Discover the power of Palm devices in the workplace with PalmPower's Enterprise Edition. (click for larger image)

Cynics might think the only reason I selected PalmPower's Enterprise Edition to receive this honor is because I wrote a portion of it. I hate cynics. Their uncommon insight into my motivations is, frankly, meddlesome.

In all seriousness, though, beyond the obvious boon of getting to read more articles by me, PalmPower's Enterprise Edition is an excellent online resource for anyone interested in how large organizations can get the most out of Palm devices. As corporations extend their mobile workforces, it becomes increasingly important to have efficient, reliable mobile computing tools. As many of you have no doubt already discovered, the Palm device, often thought of as a mere organizer, is in actuality a complete mobile computing solution with the power, in many cases, to replace the bulky laptop. PalmPower's Enterprise Edition is designed to show you how the Palm device can be used to arm the members of a mobile workforce in order that they can more easily and efficiently achieve their goals.


Throughout its run, PalmPower has largely been a mainstream publication with occasional forays into enterprise-related content. However, it became clear that the enterprise was a user segment that was growing and deserving of more and more coverage. The enterprise is also a big thrust at Palm, Inc., so it made sense for them to take interest in a publication that wished to devote itself to the use of Palm devices in the business environment.

For the past several months, ZATZ founders Denise Amrich and David Gewirtz worked with the friendly people at Palm, Inc. The result of their discussions was the decision to form an entirely new publication, with an investment from Palm. After a lot of hard work, a spin-off from PalmPower was finally formed, and on October 24, its first issue debuted.

PalmPower Magazine Enterprise Edition will run as a separate monthly publication from PalmPower (with it's own table of contents, articles, issues, etc.), with the goal of helping folks make the most of their Palm computers, taking into account the special needs and opportunities of the enterprise.

Who's it for?

If you're a regular reader of PalmPower, you'll probably find something of interest in PalmPower Magazine Enterprise Edition as well. However, Editor-in-Chief David Gewirtz lists these as the publications' target audience: