Thursday, June 1, 2000

Jolly good screen protectors


By Steve Niles

Oh, my giddy aunt! One thing I bloody well can't stand is scratches on my Palm device screen. Bugger all if there isn't a new blemish almost every bleedin' day. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Tony Jest's Do It Yourself Tips for PalmPilot Screen Protectors. This jolly good site is June's PalmPower Site of the Month, and you can find it at Figure A gives you a peek at what you'll find.


Tony Jest helps you keep your screen blemish free. (click for larger image)

Jest lives in Reading, England, 37 miles west of London, and he works for a computer systems integration company. After spending just a few minutes exploring his Web site, during which I perused his family's photo album and caught up on back issues of their annual Christmas newsletter, I felt like I knew the chap personally.

What interested me most, however, were his pages devoted to Palm computers. At Tony Jest's site, not only will you find great screen protector tips, but you'll also discover a collection of links to freeware and shareware and a resource guide that will help you diagnose and cure the dreaded "Tap Bug."

Jest's collection of screen protector tips provides material lists, instructions, and also some pros and cons associated with the various methods. There's also a section at the end in which you can send him your own tip ideas and some links to other sites with screen protector tips.

Before your screen gets any more beaten up, check out Tony Jest's Do It Yourself Tips for PalmPilot Screen Protectors. It's a cracker, crocker!