Sunday, October 1, 2006

Incredibly cheap iPod stand


By David Gewirtz

So you've just spent your last few Benjamins on one of Apple's slick new iPods. Now, though, you want to accessorize your lovely new songbird. When even the least expensive iPod goody costs a good twenty dead presidents, how can you get your bling on and still have a few bucks left over to buy the latest Battlestar Galactica download off iTunes?

The answer is the world's cheapest iPod stand, as shown in Figure A.


Our iPod's lying down on the job. (click for larger image)

Admittedly, our old 4G iPod's leaning on its side. But the stand costs all of four bucks. For four bucks, you can lean your iPod on its side.

So what is this cheap trick?

Quite simply, it's a $3.99 business card holder, as shown in Figure B.


Before we corrupted it, our business card holder held business cards. (click for larger image)

You can get these holders from most of your favorite office supply stores. In fact, you don't need to get this design. Unlike iPod stands, which cost about twenty bucks, most business card holders are under five dollars.

So, rush on out to your office supply store, buy a business card holder, and save your Jacksons for iTunes.