Wednesday, December 1, 1999

Free programs for your Palm device


By Heather McDaniel

Free stuff. We all love it. PalmPower's Site of the Month is Trevor's Home Page, a site that has a bunch of free programs for your Palm device with an educational and historic bent.

The site is owned and operated by Trevor Livett. As a Palm device owner with an interest in programming, Trevor wanted a way to share his programs with others with the same interests. This prompted him to create a site that would allow him to do just that.

You can get programs such as Famous Deaths (in case you need it for your Dead Pool game); a James Bond program which includes the car, gadget, Bond girl, and more; and Kings & Queens, which gives detailed information on British monarchs from 802 to present day.

The programs he has created are mainly educational and historic. Figure A shows that they're categorized into different formats such as JFile and cbasPad, as well as stand alone PC programs.


Trev's Home Page contains a lot of free programs for your Palm device. (click for larger image)

Trevor tried to make these files as varied as possible to appeal to a wide range of people, so he included HTML documents for those that do not have Palm devices. And once again, the programs are free.

You need JFile to view these programs under the JFile category. JFile is basically a database program, and the programs Trevor created are the data or information that can be viewed after this program is installed. JFile is readily available from any Palm-related site or as an evaluation download from To read an article in the July issue of PalmPower about JFile, visit

The same applies to programs in the cbasPad category, but unlike JFile, cbasPad is the actual code, just like Qbasic for Windows. cbasPad is free and can be downloaded from

Check out Trevor's Palm site (now with a Christmas theme) at