Friday, December 1, 2000

Comprehensive mobile infrastructure software: what it is and why you want it


By Synchrologic

What was once a quiet trickle--the use of Palm devices by busy executives and gadget-happy IT folks--has progressed into a torrential flood of mobile devices through the corporate backdoor. Wading through the swirling mix of opportunities and challenges the exploding mobile landscape affords can seem a daunting task. Now, more than ever, a comprehensive mobile infrastructure is essential.

The benefits a robust mobile strategy can have on your business are many. Mobile workers can enjoy the power of enterprise and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, historically limited to desktops, on mobile devices of any type. Common files such as presentations and sales tools can be shared among multiple users without versioning pitfalls. Mobile devices can be monitored, updated, and supported from virtually anywhere, with a firewall protected mobile infrastructure safeguarding sensitive business data.

To support the deployment of enterprise and CRM applications to handheld devices and to take control of mobile assets, a comprehensive mobile infrastructure should include the following:

  • Basic data synchronization, including PIM (Personal Information Manager) synchronization, which synchronizes handhelds to enterprise servers and databases;
  • Advanced data synchronization, which complements basic data synchronization with reduced queries and network traffic, less user idle time, compression of staged data, and reduced concurrent server processing loads;
  • File distribution, which allows for the secure transfer of files and content throughout your mobile and wireless network. File changes and updates are automatically distributed to and maintained on mobile devices without requiring user action;
  • Software distribution, which allows for corporations to not only deploy vital applications to mobile devices, but also to track and manage file and software inventories on all handhelds.

A strong mobile infrastructure ensures the proliferation of mobile devices is managed, taking control from users with support needs and empowering the IT staff charged with supporting them. Is your organization equipped with an integrated mobile strategy to control critical data and deploy key information and applications to mobile workers?

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